Bag of Mystery Dice! RPG Dice

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Willing to take a chance to risk it all for treasure?

Our Most Popular Item!

This Mystery Dice Bag filled to the brim with our high-quality resin dice! Approx: 40 Dice

Occasionally sometimes the dragons are not watching and metal dice end up in here too!

This is the best way to enjoy a large sampling of the various sets that we have available.

Want an upgrade? Then grab yourself the Chainmail Dice Bag filled with dice instead! (The Chainmail Bag holds approx. the same amount as the Velvet Bag)

Each of our sets is individually hand-poured by our talented crafters, so they will have slight variations in their detail.

★Product Name: Mystery Dice Bag
★ Assembly: Handcrafted
★Size:2 (Chainmail Bag Full and Velvet Bag Full)
★Material: Resin, Velvet, Metal
★Dice Quantity: Approximately 35-40
★Hand Poured Set: Yes
★Ready to Ship: Yes

If you are fond of D & D (Dungeons and Dragons) games, this Mystery Dice Bag will be a unique gift for you. There are two sizes (Chainmail Bag Full and Velvet Bag Full) of the bag and you can choose it when placing the order. It doesn’t matter that which bag you choose because both have same quantity of the dices. This Dnd Dice Bag holds approximately 40 dice that are crafted by hand and we used premium quality resin material. Since all the hand-poured dices are crafted by hand, they have slight variations in their details.

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Materials: resin, velvet, metal.

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