About Us

Where it all began:

We are a small fabrication company in Rhode Island. (New England) for those unfamiliar with our tiny corner of the USA. There was a shared desire to create, help, and inspire the world around us through our various areas of interest.  Through that idea, Modern Artifice was made. With the end goal of providing quality products to individuals who shared our passion, imagination, and desire to help better the world around them.

Our Oaths to help.

We are committed to helping share our craftsmanship and artistry with the world but at the same time wish to be mindful of the potential unintended consequences that are often overlooked. How do we do this? There are a few ways!

We ship direct from where our products are crafted whenever possible. Our team members are all over the world and to reduce carbon emissions rather than shipping from one centralized point we instead send them out directly from the workshops!

Our packing materials we use are recycled whenever possible. Additionally we also offer a discount if you ship our materials back to us for helping us continue to stay green.

We also prioritize shipping through services that offset their own carbon emissions.

Most of our woods we used are harvested locally in relation to the workshops they are worked on at. Occasionally when we have exotic woods, we make sure the companies harvesting those precious materials are performing active replanting.

For Marble and Gemstone we use locally harvested materials and lab created materials. We are happy to say the sources we currently use are carbon neutral!

Additionally we will also run charity promotions where a certain product will have the proceeds go directly to an important corresponding cause!

If you have an idea on how we can help make the world a better place please feel free to write to us at: Support@ModernArtifice.com

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