Atoms of Formation- Mystic Molecules Metal Dice

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This set of our Mystic Molecule Dice comes in Black Zinc alloy with Gold-colored enamel inlay. 

A set of 7 Standard Polyhedral Dice Perfect for Gaming!

The set of 7 Polyhedral RPG Dice Includes one of each of the following types:

D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, D6, D4 

These dice feature unique shapes reminiscent of molecules, perfect for the arcane, academic, and alchemical adventurers in your party! 

Each of our dice sets is individually hand-poured  and painted by our talented crafters, so they will have slight variations in their detail and are cast in Zinc Alloy with infills that are hard enamel. As with any handcrafted items, small imperfections may occur.

Please note that colors may vary slightly due to a difference in monitor settings.  All of our dice are photographed as-is with no filters or post-production editing.

Materials: Zinc and Copper

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