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SPORTSBALL! Card Game: Where Strategy Meets Dexterity

Welcome to SPORTSBALL!, the fast-paced card game that merges strategic gameplay with dexterity. In a world where the rules of sports have been transformed, do you have the prowess to outscore your opponents and become the ultimate champion? Utilize the right or wrong equipment and try to win THE BIG GAME!

Game Overview

SPORTSBALL! is designed for 2-6 players and provides an exhilarating gaming experience in just 15 minutes. Perfect for gamers of all ages, this game combines strategic decisions with physical skill, making each game session unique and exciting.

The LEGEND Card: A Unique Mechanic

At the heart of SPORTSBALL! lies the LEGEND card, a distinctive feature that challenges your strategic thinking and tests your physical precision. Can you roll a die with enough accuracy to land on or touch the LEGEND Card? This pivotal moment can turn the tide of the game, adding a thrilling element to every playthrough.

Color-Blind Friendly Design

We recognize that color perception varies widely among individuals. Our meticulously selected card colors and designs cater to the widest range of color vision deficiencies. Vital information conveyed by color is also available via the card text, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for everyone.

High-Contrast Fonts

Clear visuals are paramount in gameplay. To that end, we've incorporated high-contrast fonts that stand out vividly against their backgrounds. Whether you're in dim lighting conditions or have visual impairments, our cards are designed to be straightforward and easy to read.

Thank you for being a part of our dedication to accessible gaming!

SPORTSBALL! - Quick Play Guide

  1. Set up 4 Location Cards face up next to the Location Deck.
  2. Put the Sportsball Legend Card at the center of the table.
  3. Give each player 3 face-up Equipment Cards and put the Equipment Deck in reach of all players.
  4. First person to roll a 6 goes first.
  5. Declare which Equipment Card you wish to use at your desired Location and then roll the dice to determine if you succeed or fail to win the Big Game at that Location! The Equipment Card will tell you the value you must roll to win the Big Game at that Location. If you don’t see a value listed on your Equipment Card for the Location you want to try, DON'T WORRY, you can take a chance by rolling a 6 at ANY Location to win that Big Game! Or Discard one of your Equipment Cards to draw a new one and end your turn.
  6. If you roll your dice and it comes to rest touching any part of the Sportsball Legend Card, you may choose to gain plus 1 to your total roll. This helps very much when you have the wrong Equipment Card and need a perfect 6 to succeed!
  7. If your dice roll succeeds, you take that Location Card. After that, replace the Location Card you took with a new one. THEN, replace the Equipment Card you just used with a new one. The number on the Location Card in the Medal represents your Score.
  8. If you win a Location by rolling a 6, you "Sportsball", and MAY decide after seeing the new Location Card decide to keep the Equipment Card instead of discarding it as usual.
  9. If you win a Location Card with a total score of 7 by rolling a 6 and utilizing the Sportsball Legend Card, you gain the additional benefit of Taking Another Turn Immediately. That's an Instant Replay!
  10. If you fail the roll, you end your turn.
  11. If you fail by rolling a 1 OR roll the dice off of the table, you Fumble and break your Equipment. Discard it, draw a new Equipment Card, and end your turn.
  12. Shuffle the Equipment Card Deck as it runs out and continue.
  13. When the last Location is won, the game ends. Add up your total point Score on the Location Cards that you've won to see who has the most points. Whoever has the most points Wins!


  1. For a 5-6 player game, use 8 Sports Groups of 3 Equipment Cards and 3 Location Cards each. (2-4 player game uses 6 Sports Groups) Sports Groups are 3 Equipment Cards and 3 Location Cards that share the same colored and striped border.
  2. The Hail Mary Die has three 1’s and three 6’s and may be used by each player ONCE per game.

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