Star Wars Custom ID Card Galaxy's Edge Cosplay Prop

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Have you ever been traveling the galaxy and had someone ask for your Identification but you didn't have a Jedi with you to mind trick the security guards? Well now you don't have to!

The Large 5 in x 3 in Transparent Acrylic Identification Cards are perfect for any Cosplay or even Tabletop gaming!

For the more subtle rebels or those desiring to hide their status as scum and villiany in the Galaxy, our smaller roughly 3 x 2 business card sizes ID are great! Though we cannot cut them to have a lanyard slot.

Each of the Star Wars ID cards are reverse engraved (Except for the Guild Black) to give your lettering a crisp and nice glowing effect.

The Cards are filled out in the Aurebesh Inspired Font that you can find all throughout the Star Wars Universe, and at Galaxy's Edge!

All colors except the Clear are UV reactive as featured in the first photo under a blacklight. (Though personally we thing the Green and Orange are the most vibrant for this effect)

Aside from the icons we have available, we are also able to do custom orders though size and complexity will vary, we will do our best to make sure your order is up to the Galactic Standard of Acceptability!

We can also include a slot to safely secure your badge to a lanyard on the large cards. (An excellent choice if you want to proudly display this at a convention or when visiting Galaxy's Edge!)

Your ID card will come with easily removable backing paper to make sure your ID is not scratched or marred when shipped!

Let us know how we can bring your cosplay to life!

And may the force be with you!

Materials: Acrylic, Lasers, The Force.

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